Sudan: Exporting Groundnuts to China

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The Investment Commissioner of White Nile State, Abdullah Ismail, has confirmed that the state has become the largest center for exporting pure groundnuts and oilseeds from the cities of Tendelti and Kosti outside Sudan.
During an inspection visit to the groundnut sorting site prepared for export to China in Kosti, owned by the businessman Mohammad Khader Al-Zaki, the commissioner has confirmed that groundnut export operations contribute to advancing the national economy.
In press statements, the State Investment Commissioner praised the groundnut sorting operations that are carried out through a number of sieves in an advanced scientific manner, and stated that the project is one of the most important huge economic projects hosted by the White Nile State.
The state investment commissioner called on local and foreign investors to come and invest in projects spread across the state. He pointed to the advantages and facilities offered by the state government to attract investors, especially since the White Nile state is first in exports according to economic indicators.
He revealed that the state is in the process of forming a department for exports in the state in coordination with the governor of the state and the Acting Minister of Finance and Economy.
For his part, businessman Mohamed Khader Al-Zaki confirmed that the sieves are working at maximum capacity to sort groundnut, as 400 tons are exported weekly from the city of Kosti to the People’s Republic of China, stressing that the White Nile State has become the first source of crops at the level of the states of Sudan.
He appealed to the state government to expedite the establishment of the Export Division in the state in order to contribute to solving the problems and issues of investors in the field of exports, and promised to expand export operations despite the circumstances the country is going through, in support of the national economy.

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