Babanousa: 99% of Residents Displaced Due RSF Attack


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The Humanitarian Aid Commissioner in Babanousa locality in West Kordufan state, Fakhr Al-Din Fadl Al-Toum, has announced that more than 45,000 residents of the city have been displaced as a result of the bloody battles between the army and the Rapid Support militia (RSF).

The militia began a large-scale military operation, since the middle of last week, targeting Babanousa in an attempt to control the command of the 22nd Infantry Division.

Humanitarian Aid Commissioner Fakhr Al-Din Fadl Al-Toum said, according to Sudan Tribune, that about 99% of the population of Babanousa fled as a result of the confrontations, which is equivalent to 45,000 residents of the town.

He explained that most of the citizens were displaced to the villages of “Al-Dulaima, Al-Kalait, Al-Tabboun, and others,” in addition to the town of Al-Muglad, Al-Fula, Al-Odeyah, and Ghubaysh, and described the conditions in the locality as catastrophic.

The Commissioner issued a distress call for the need to save Babanousa, by establishing emergency committees that work to provide services to those affected, and expressed his regret at the situation in the region as a result of the military confrontations.

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