Egypt: Free Medical Treatment for War-affected Sudanese, Successful 


Sudan Events – Nahed Oshi

The General Manager of Pulp Hair Company (S, LLC, M, M) Dr. Abdul Wahab El-Sisi has announced the success of the free treatment program that he allocated to Sudanese affected by the war and those taking refuge in Egypt.

Dr. El-Sisi said in a live streaming on his page on the Facebook platform that the program, which was on the occasion of inauguration of Dr. El-Sisi Complex, Cairo branch, achieved the desired success with free examination of hundreds of Sudanese expatriates in addition to other nationalities. He expressed his happiness with the interaction that took place with the free treatment program, and pointed out that Pulp Hair Company provided all medical materials, clinics, and therapeutic services in the fields of eyes, heart, and blood vessels, in addition to dermatology, cosmetic and dental units that will be opened soon.

Dr. Abdul Wahab El-Sisi confirmed that the El-Sisi Complex, Cairo Branch, aims to alleviate the suffering of Sudanese people affected by the war and those arriving to the Egypt, by providing outstanding medical services at great discounts, in addition to his keenness for the complex to be a social platform as an extension of his meeting platform in Khartoum 2, which was a forum and a social platform that brings together all colors of the Sudanese spectrum to reflect on issues that serve the interest of the nation and the citizens, away from politics.

Sisi expressed his wishes that the war would end and that peace and security would prevail in the Sudan, so that the Sudanese would return to their homes and regions after the war had displaced them and dispersed them in various parts of the world.

In this context, Dr. Yasser Younis, a cardiovascular consultant, praised his experience with Dr. Abdul Wahab El-Sisi, which he said lasted about 17 years, during which he learned about many human situations. He expressed his happiness in participating in the free treatment program that lasted for two weeks, indicating that he was able to diagnose and treat many cardiac patients, and he performed many cases of injections on varicose veins.

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