ONB New Branch at Arqin Crossing


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Today (Tuesday), the Arqin border crossing in Wadi Halfa in the northern state witnessed the opening of the Omdurman National Bank branch, in the presence of Ihab Muhammad Othman, Executive Director of at Omdurman National Bank Group, and the Executive Director of Halfa Locality, Muhammad Abdel Majeed Muhammad.

The representative of Omdurman Bank, Suleiman Khalil, confirmed that the bank will provide all banking and financing services, noting that the opening of the bank branch in Arqin will contribute to providing the service of paying customs duties and extracting format (IM) for suppliers, brokers, and merchants, in addition to providing liquidity, cash supply, and customer service.

In the same context, the bank representative held meetings with the Executive Director of the locality, Abu Ubaida Mirghani Burhan, to allocate a piece of land to open another branch of the Omdurman National Bank in the city of Wadi Halfa.

The Executive Director appreciated the opening of the branch at the Arqin crossing in the West Bank and that it facilitates the activity of trade movement, especially incoming and outgoing, stressing that allocating a plot for the bank branch in the city of Halfa will be presented to the Land Disposal Committee within the agenda of its periodic meetings.

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