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Shanabla Tribe: Unique Cultural Models


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Shanabla tribe is considered one of the largest tribes that arrived in Sudan. An Arab tribe, originally from the Arabs of Hijaz gesticulate ,even when the Zarqaa Sultanate came, the Shanabla tribe had a sheikhdom in northern Sennar, with its center at Al-Musalima Al-Hayya.

During the Turkish era, it extended to the Sheikhdom of the Shanabla until it reached Khartoum and as far north as Hajar Al-Assal. The Shanabla were among the strongest tribes in this region, so they crossed the White Nile to Kordofan and settled in their current areas of Dar al-Kababish around the current areas of Umm Badir.

Then they began to roam , many of them dispersed and coexisted and intermarried with other tribes. As for the Shanabla of Al- Jazira who are the origin from which all the Shanabla of Sudan branched, they abandoned the life of nomadism and worke in various crafts.

Kordofan is rich in its cultural heritage due to the presence of many tribes, including mobile pastoralists, agricultural workers, and sedentary ones. The nature of the region and the nomadic life created a space for the formation of diverse and unique cultural models

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