Morocco coach: the loss in Africa Cup of Nations is my responsibility

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Walid Regragui, the coach of the Moroccan national team, confirmed that he bears responsibility for his team’s failure in the African Cup of Nations 2023, after it exited the tournament in the 16-finals, after losing to South Africa, with a clean double.

“This is not the end of the world. We are not the only team that was eliminated. There are many nominated teams that exited the tournament. We will come back stronger, even though we have been waiting for this competition for a long time.” Said Regragui.

“Currently this team is in the process of being built. There are many young players, and I am sure that they will win the African Cup in the future, God willing. I hope that the young people have learned, and this was the goal of including them in the team.” He added

“I think that the young players gave everything they had. They are currently in the learning period, and I have full confidence in them. Even the changes we made helped us, after the entry of Al-Sibari, Al-Kaabi and Harith. We have a good team, and I confirm that I was the one who failed.” He continued.

“I bear responsibility for my choices. I am not a person who hides, and do not talk about the players. I acknowledge my responsibility in the exclusion, and if I had scored the penalty kick, everything would have changed, and I bear responsibility for awarding the penalty kick to Hakimi, who always takes it well in training.” He continued.

“I will sit with the president and the federation and we will see the appropriate decision for the Moroccan national team.” Said Regragui.

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