N.S Governor: Security Threats in Gold Areas, Just Rumors


Sudan Events – Rehab Abdullah

The Governor of the Northern State, Abdeen Awadallah,has reassured that the mining areas are completely free of security threats, pointing out that what has been circulated about this recently are just rumors.
During his visit (Wednesday) to the company’s office in Port Sudan, the Director General of the Sudanese Mineral Resources Company (SMRC) confirmed the contribution of the gold mineral to the state’s economy and people’s livelihood, and revealed the achievement of community satisfaction following Decision No. “90” issued by the Minister of Finance, which gave local communities the right to choose and implement community projects according to their needs. He revealed the implementation of a number of service projects in all localities of the state in the fields of education, water and electricity.
The Governor of the Northern state appealed to companies working in the mining field to redouble their efforts and increase production, announcing the provision of support and assistance to workers in the mining sector.
For his part, the company’s director, Mohamed Taher, confirmed that more efforts will be made to develop mining activity in the state and work to maximize revenues and increase production, with a field visit to the state to determine the mining conditions and tighten coordination between the relevant authorities, indicating that the governor’s visit will contribute significantly to developing work at mining sites as well as increasing production and maximizing revenues.

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