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Organization for Music and Dance Renews Sudan’s Membership


Sudan Events – Magda Hassan

The International Organization for Music and Dance Traditions renewed the membership of Dr. Mohamed Adam Suleiman Tarnin, representative of Sudan for this year 2024 .

Tarnin said in an exclusive interview to Sudan Events that he continued to find support from the General Secretariat, for which he greatly thanks on behalf of all the people of the Sudanese musical professions and the dance groups of the National Union of Sudanese Popular Heritage.

And other groups of different ethnicities.

It is worth noting that Sudan has gained membership in the international organization since 2012.

Ternin explained that it has remained a member since that date, and Sudan has not paid a single euro to renew membership.

He said, through Sudan membership, he participated in a number of conferences, and wrote about some Sudanese creators to introduce to the world , Some of them were also nominated for international awards.

He added: The last conference was in July 2023 at the University of Ghana. The scientific research I submitted, which was entitled (The Role of Music in Making War and Peace), (Darfur is an example).

Due to war conditions, I did not participate.

But it will be published as part of the conference’s research in the Earbook of the Year.

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