Official: The Fear from outbreak of civil war (Nonsense)

Sudan Events – Rehab Abdullah

The Director of Information at the Ministry of Culture, Information and Communications in the River Nile State, Fath al-Rahman al-Ghattas, described the fear of some people from outbreak of a civil war as a result of arming the mobilised known as (mostanfreen ) in the Dignity Battle is “nonsense,” and stated in his interview to Sudan Events , that it would never happen and said that the people are now defending themselves and their honor and his property .
He affirmed contribution of the media professionals coming to the River Nile State, great contribution, and attributed this to the cumulative experiences by they have gained greatly through their work in several media platforms and others.
Al-Ghattas boasted that the media room to support the SAF and refute rumors had achieved an unparalleled success.
Al-Ghattas affirmed the valor of the SAF and achieved victories, and he considered the victories they achieved in all axes to be very great.
He affirmed that the greatest victory would be achieved and the rebels would be defeated soon.

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