Strategic Planning Expert: War is A Chance to Reformulate Priorities


Sudan Events – Nahed Oshi

Strategic Planning Expert Prof. Mohammed Hussein Abu Saleh asserted to the need to establish a vision of the post-war Sudan strategy , he said during an interview with ,(Sudan Events) that planning should not be re-planned, but we put a strategic vision that raises an urban centers in all states , according to their relative advantages, this is achieved by peace, indicating that the war is a chance for the states to reformulate priorities and re-industries pointing to the experience of the River Nile, Gezira and Gadarif States mandate, which began to establish final industries and transmit the taste of industries from Khartoum and thus restore the balance.

He said one of the most important problems of Sudan was to enter the international market without seeing a strategy and without deep awareness of the international environment.

Pointing to the expected role of the private sector (men and businessmen) to participate in the implementation of strategic visions after the end of the war and the willingness of rehabilitating Sudan by adopting a number of programs (specific), which includes a number of integrated projects, for example, the City of Export Portsudan, which is interested in hygiene, car, sterilization, storage, cooling, packaging and packing with global specifications.

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