Al Hilal of Sudan Conquers the Afghan National Team


Sudan Events – Ali Al-Tahir

The Sudanese Al Hilal attackers tore down the net of the Afghan national team, beating them 5-1 today, Friday, in a trial match at Al Mahalla Stadium in the city of Abha, south of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Adam Bousso, who scored three hat-tricks, Babi Abdo and Jonathan took turns scoring goals.

This is the fourth experience for Al Hilal Omdurman in its preparatory camp in the city of Abha as part of its preparations for the matches against Petro Atletico of Angola and Esperance of Tunisia in the fifth and sixth rounds of the third group of the African Champions League.

Al Hilal has not lost yet, as it won all four test matches, and conceded on only one occasion, and has two trials remaining according to the program announced by the technical staff.

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