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Fight Ugliness with Beauty: Dr. Saleh Abdel Qader .. in the Goal of (Love)


Sudan Events – Magda Hassan

D. Saleh Abdel Qader participated in a successful training workshop in Cairo Continuing the longest artistic journey (Exodus of the Soul) A crafts workshop Performing narrative acting for male and female workers in the field of acting, whether professionally or as a hobby, presented by Dr. Saleh Abdel Qader, “A Sudanese actor and head of the Drama Department, Faculty of Education, Nilein University, previously studied drama at the Palace of Youth and Children.” The workshop specialized in developing the craftsmanship of the students’ performance in acting, especially narrative acting.
It included work in the field of self, movement, action, and character building.
The workshop aimed to:Provide students with acting tools based on psychological realism, developing acting performance capabilities based on internal and external equipment, how to build a character, and the craftsmanship of performance.

Fighting ugliness with beauty

Dr.Saleh, said “After the diaspora, we will tell you stories about the displacement of the soul. We will tell them in our own way. We will tell you what concerns us and what concerns you.”
He added: We will fight ugliness with beauty.
We will fight ignorance with knowledge, thought and beauty. We will fight darkness with enlightenment and illumination.
The outcomes of a narrative acting crafts workshop were “a display of dazzling and poignant post-diaspora stories, accompanied by a wide response from Dr. Saleh Abdel Qader’s fans and his students, or as the actress Siza Surkti, the workshop organizer, said: “We wrote and erased a lot out of love for Dr. Saleh ,the experience was documented to the extent of their love.”


Where the plastic artist Dr. Awad Al-Karim Al-Zein, former professor of music at the College of Music, said that Dr. Saleh is diligent, diligent, committed, proactive, and excels academically. He has been distinguished on the practical and theoretical levels since he was a student.
He has the ability to lead due to his characteristics and commitment to the point of rigor. He does not show courtesy at work no matter what.
He has the qualities of a professor and coach since his early days, which qualified him for success in his academic and professional life by obtaining awards. Acting and directing
Professor Saleh is an international creative academy in the field of actor training.
He has special curricula in achieving the highest returns for those with talent and abilities, he has experiences in training actors within theatrical productions. And also his unlimited abilities in directing. He is a director who knows how an actor possesses the basic keys that are important for building a dramatic character, and he shares that with his colleagues with love, kindness, and rigor.
I am sure that whoever joins this training course will find a lot of what he misses and lacks in order to be an excellent and unique actor.


Actor Mohamed Cooper, who resides in Canada, said that Dr. Saleh is the one who taught them practical acting at the Palace of Youth and Children: In fact, we imbibed the curriculum from him as we should.
He has his own and amazing way of teaching the arts of acting, and personally I still perform the characters that I play, based on what I received from Dr. Saleh. He is truly a wonderful and useful artist who has charisma and abilities. Huge

Messengers of peace

Dr.Saleh turned the displacement into an artistic project, it was pointed out by the playwright Dr. Hussein Sheikh Mustafa, where he sees his inability to submit to the harsh conditions of displacement, displacement, and psychological pressure that exceeds a person’s strength, and he sees his dreams and the misery of his life slipping through his hands in a few seconds: I am happy because he did what his conscience and his belief dictated to him that art is a message, they, like dramatists,they are messengers of peace and knowledge, so he went with the friend.
The director, artist Nasser Youssef said all parts of Sudan promise goodness, beauty, and the future.
They hold workshops and ease the burden of war on children, the displaced, and leave their families to those who do not waste their deposits.
I am not happy because he was holding this workshop, enough is enough.
Rather, because even in the countries of displacement he says to others, “Here we are, the sons of Sudan. We did not come to you empty-handed, but rather we came with our money, our knowledge, this is the model that every time we hang out together, every Sudanese hopes to be because he is the country’s ambassador.”


Dr.Saleh has amazing capabilities in teaching practical acting curricula, according to the testimony of his colleagues and students.
He has accumulated experience in this field since he began teaching in the Drama Department at the Youth and Children’s Palace. He was then a student at the College of Music and Drama until he headed the College of Drama Education at the prestigious Al-Nilein University.
He has accumulated experience over a period of time. Three decades have now been owned by young people.

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