Political Reflections The American Plan to Americanize the Red Sea

By: Haider Al-Toum Khalifa
 *The American-British role in creating the Houthi threat to commercial ships in the Red Sea
 *The connection between what is happening in the Red Sea and the events in Sudan, and the plans to impose an international mandate on it.
*Approach 1 ..*
An innocent and direct question… Why do we find that almost all the ships that were targeted by the Houthis are American, British and Israeli ships…?
Why was the American response cold towards that? It is like someone shooting you with bullets, and you have a cannon, so you respond by throwing stones at him…
 *Approach 2…*
The Arab deficiency has produced a *cheerful mind, not a thinker*, who feeds on *the banquet tables, and admires imaginary heroics*…!  This is clearer than its intellectuals who appear to us through Arab channels, and they proud of the Houthi missiles that will destroy America, without any logical analysis, or exploring or understanding its basic motive and ultimate goals, in a scene that reflects how the Arabs are caught by their mistakes.  Every missile launched, there is a rope wrapped around the Arab neck, whether out of ignorance or agency.
Many observers of America’s foreign policies believe that weakness and confusion have struck its backbone, represented by the military action that often accompanies building and managing its international relationship. The best example of this is its major failure in managing its war with the Houthis, and its greatest failure in ensuring navigation and safe maritime transit for commercial anf military ships in the southern seas region of the Arabian Peninsula, represented by the Straits of Hormuz and Bab Al-Mandab, that is, the entrance to the Gulf and the entrance to the Red Sea, making it an area of upcoming conflict, international ambitions, and military competition that may inflame the entire region in the future..
And they are wrong in that. The Houthi conflict and military escalation, represented by targeting ships, is something orchestrated by the trio evil, America, Britain and Israel, within the framework of (directed escalation) to achieve hidden goals, including making the Red Sea a western lake par excellence as well as closing the door on any Russian or Chinese presence to establish supply ports or military bases on its coast, and this is consistent with its policies aimed at encircling the Arab oil region from the south and west, and encircling Africa from the east as next future Resources conflict zone..
I can bet that, in just a few weeks, we will witness a massive buildup of Western naval forces and NATO ships roaming the Red Sea.
 It is clear that the Houthi escalation (controlled by intelligence), supported by Iran, was planned by an American-British plan, and I do not see it as a coordinated action with the Houthis or the Iranians (nor do I rule it out, at a minimum, within the struggle to control the Gulf), but it is more likely.  They were drawn into the trap, to achieve two important goals that serve American policy in the region..
The first one is inflaming the region and igniting chaos, and raising the degree of threat to freedom of maritime navigation and the safety of ships, which inevitably calls for military intervention to secure the entrance to the southern Red Sea, as it is one of the most important global sea lanes, due to the presence of the Suez Canal in its northern part, through which it passes.  About 12% of international trade passes through it, and raising the degree of threat to the safety of ships is what is called for as justification for the military intervention of the forces of these countries in their parliaments internally..
It also aims to convince the outside world of the correctness of this military intervention and deployment, and that it serves international peace and security, and to weaken any international opposition to it from Russia and China externally.
On the same approach, it aims to convince the State of Egypt of it, and remove its fears, especially after the accompanying action is escalated to strangle Egypt economically, and this aims to reduce the number of ships crossing the canal, while instructing insurance companies to raise insurance fees for ships sailing through Bab Al-Mandab to levels  standard, causing shipping companies to change their itineraries by crossing around Africa instead of the Suez Canal, which puts pressure and an excessive burden on Egypt’s already faltering economy, which prompts it to support any military intervention, and even deems it necessary to remove the Houthi danger and threat against Bab Al-Mandab Strait, in an effort to return things to their normal state.
 *Secondly*… creating sufficient reasons to end the presence of the Houthis and eradicate their danger, or weaken them to a record low level, which would make them accept any political settlement, by using justified maximum fatal force, which is something that will find support from Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, and the countries under their orbit, because striking the Houthis is primarily concerned with striking the Iranian Shiite arms spread in the region, represented by the Lebanese and Iraqi Hezbollah and the Houthi Ansar Allah, in addition to uprooting the Sunni organizations supported by Iran, led by Hamas and Islamic Jihad, and the implementation of the plan to get rid of the Islamic resistance which has begun in the Gaza Strip due to the quadripartite aggression, the Israeli, American, Emirati, and Saudi aggression, and if the Saudi authorities began to take a tactical step backwards, not a strategic one, after the Israeli atrocities and genocidal crimes it committed, and the popular and official denunciations and condemnations around the world against it..
Here an important question arises.. *What is Sudan’s position in all these events..?*
 It is certain that it is one of the pillars carrying the American-British project, the details of which no one understands, considering that Sudan represents the eastern gateway to Africa, through the Sudan Belt, which extends from Port Sudan on the Red Sea in the east, to Dakar on the Atlantic Ocean in the west.
The Russians realized early on the importance of this belt, so they began to cleanse the region of the French presence, through diplomacy on the one hand, and by supporting anti-French coups in the countries of the belt, through their mobile military arm represented by the Wagner Company, on the other hand, and they supported purposeful work to change the demographic map of the region..
The Russians are planning to connect the Red Sea to the Atlantic, by extending the lines of what they call super trains that are being manufactured by Russian and Chinese experts, taking advantage of what is known as the Great Engine Technology, which President Putin spoke about in a previous conference, and some information reported that the load and pulling power of one train is three hundred thousand tons, which means complete control over the trade of this belt rich in natural resources, especially important and rare minerals, such as gold, copper and uranium, in addition to oil.
All of this makes it necessary for America to change its policies towards Sudan, work to stabilize it according to their visions and interests), and block the way for Russia to have an entrance to the Red Sea, extending from east to west Africa through Sudanese lands..
Therefore, the success of all current American policy in the Red Sea region depends on expelling Russia from Sudan, and depriving it of any foothold on its coasts, including Iran, whose warships are accustomed to docking and supplying from the Port Sudan seaport…
 I expect that American policy will take a new direction and an approach different from the previous approach, after it has been made clear to experts and Pentagon planners that holding the stick in the middle is of no use, and that being drawn behind the Emirati vision of enabling rapid support to rule Sudan is not useful, and that they are in fact helping with this policy Russia to implement its plans and achieve its ambitions of empowerment for itself, due to the strength of the relations between Hemedti and Russia that penetrates the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) through its military arm Wagner, and they force the Khartoum authorities, out of ignorance on their part, to fall into the Iranian embrace in search of weapons, and the flights of the Iranian Mohajer 2 planes in the skies of Khartoum only as confirmation of this, or makes them present themselves as a realistic alternative to support for Russia, and sign multiple agreements with it that include approval of the Flemingo naval base, and the construction of a new port with international specifications, which means to America the failure of their plans aimed at (Americanization and Westernization) of the Red Sea ..
Therefore, and to ensure that America implements its above-mentioned plans, its officials will reconsider their current position and act according to two scenarios..
*Restrain the UAE’s hand from what is happening in Sudan, while providing urgent military support to the Sudanese army to defeat the RSF, and restore stability to the country, in accordance with certain arrangements imposed on the ruling authorities today.
*pushing matters to the furthest extent, that is, spreading the comprehensive civil war in Sudan, and fueling the atrocities that accompany it, which creates sufficient justification for international intervention under American leadership under the pretext of protecting civilians, and maintaining international peace and security, and this means imposing a UN mandate on Sudan  According to Article Seven of the United Nations Charter and this is what I think is most likely, because it means dissolving the army, police and security institutions, rapid support and armed movements, and the days are pregnant…
 Haider Al-Toum Khalifa
 February 1, 2024

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