Facebook Deletes An Interview with TheRSF Commander ‘ Advisor Yousuf Ezzat

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Meta, the company that owns Facebook, deleted an interview with the advisor to the commander of the Rapid Support RSF Militia, Mohamed Hamdan Daglo, from Saad Al-Kabli platform, classifying Ezzat as violating the policy of dangerous organizations and individuals .
Saad Al-Kabli wrote on his platform after the decision of the Meta Company, which owns Facebook, to cancel the interview with Yousuf Ezzat, “The live was reported and deleted today, but you can watch it on the X platform.”
In August last year, Facebook decided to delete the pages of the official Rapid Support RSF Militia, and its Commander Mohamed Hamdan Daglo, and other accounts related to it.
Meta affirmed in a response to CNN on Friday that the Rapid Support Forces RSF accounts had been deleted from its platforms “for violating the policy of dangerous organizations and individuals.”
Meta’s policy on dangerous organizations and individuals that is: “In an effort to prevent and disrupt real-world harm, we do not permit organizations or individuals who profess a violent mission or engage in violent acts on Facebook.

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