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Viviane Amina Yaji: Interested in History of Arab Culture


Sudan Events

Unforgettable figure Dr. Vivian Amina Yaji
Born in France 1930 married a sudanese and moved to Sudan 1955
Viviane Amina Yaji(1930-2011) spent most of her life in Sudan.
Very quickly, she became interested in the history of this country and in Arab culture, in Islam, through great texts of oriental literature.
In 1981, she published, in a bilingual edition, the “Tales of Omdurman”.
She is also the author of novels and essays, such as The Black Knight, and Figures of Islam. Until the end of her life, she taught French and African civilization at the universities of Khartoum and Omdurman.
Her works (translations, books, articles, lectures, and radio programs, many of which have been published, some of which have not yet been published, and a few of which have been translated into Arabic).

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