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Al-Mushlaeeb: Sudanese Heritage Of Beautiful Mind


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Made out of the same stuff as the Birish and Tabaq, Al-Mushlaeeb is hung up high on the ceiling of the kitchen or anywhere similar. It is used to preserve food and milk and it also serves as protection from cats, Dogs etc.
There were many (al-Mushlaeeb) robes at that time, the remainder of the boatman’s suit or suit was placed in it. Fried meat (during the time when refrigerators were not available in homes) was only for those with a high financial status. Until recently, Al-Muslaeeb was present in large cities, and the wisdom of placing it in that upper place of the house.
In one house, we also raised dogs and all kinds of birds, including pigeons, chickens, and ducks, in addition to sheep, with all these animals.
Families used to live in one house with that (Sayyah), and that life was very simple, and the ancient home economy depended on the products of that (Sayyah).
Sheep milk is the family’s food, and chicken eggs and the sale of pigeons and duck eggs are a source of additional or basic income for the family.
Life was calm and did not require long-term or lifelong migration or expatriation, as was the case, and all the utensils and utensils in the house were natural and uncivilized.
But now, many civilizations have entered, automating and mechanizing life in domestic life and turning the house into a barn of modern machines that a person can access if he is capable, and it has also transformed people’s hearts into a face other than the beautiful.

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