Historic Collapse of the Price of the Sudanese Pound


Sudan Events  – Rehab Abdullah

The Sudanese pound witnessed an unprecedented collapse in its exchange rate against foreign currencies.

Traders in the foreign exchange market revealed that the selling price of the dollar in the parallel market reached 1,200 pounds in today’s trading (Tuesday), compared to 1,100 yesterday, while the purchase price reached 1,190 pounds.

The rise also affected the price of the Saudi riyal, which reached 317 pounds compared to 300 pounds last week, the UAE dirham to 322 pounds, and the Qatari riyal to 320 pounds.

At a time when the price of the dollar at the Bank of Khartoum reached 1,035 pounds, the Bank of Omdurman reached 1,050 pounds, while at Faisal Bank it reached 1,100 pounds.

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