Demands to Provide Fuel for Success of Agricultural Season In Gedaref

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The Gedaref State government has affirmed its commitment to providing production inputs and securing agricultural projects for the success of the agricultural season
The Secretary-General of the Gedaref State Government, Siddiq Khaled, asked farmers to pay attention to agriculture for this season due to the conditions the country is going through and the exit of a number of agricultural projects from the production cycle.
While the Director General of the Ministry of Production and Economic Resources in Gedaref State, Omar Al-Bashir, stressed the need for 225 thousand barrels of fuel, work to combat pests, and financing because of its importance for the agricultural process to purchase products.
During his address in the health insurance hall in the city of Gedaref, the media platform organized by the General Administration of Culture and Information in cooperation with the Ministry of Production and Economic Resources and the Mercy Organization under the title (Agricultural Season: Opportunities and Challenges), he urged the federal government to bring in aircraft to combat the birds and locusts that are invading the crops, and he appealed to the Ministry of Finance to provide production inputs for the success of Agricultural season.
The Director of the Eastern Sector of the Agricultural Bank, Saleh Mohammed Saleh, indicated that a number of farmers had fully repaid their financing in the previous season, and said that they would be financed for the new season, and he appealed to the farmers who were unable to pay to pay what they owed before the start of the season to increase the bank’s ability to finance, stressing that the bank would play its role to make the new agricultural season a success.

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