Increase in prices of sacrifice sheep due to the war

Sudan Events-Nahid Oshi

The prices of sacrifice sheep (of Eid Al Adha) this year have witnessed a crazy increase compared to the last years, as the war that broke out on April 15th of last year has cast its negative shadows on all prices.
Different states of Sudan have witnessed an increase in the prices of sheep. In the city of Kosti in the state of the White Nile, prices ranged between SDGs 250,000-300,000.
A number of citizens announced their reluctance to buy the sacrificial animal this year, justifying the move by the inability to provide the prices of sheep.
They described the prices as exaggerated and imaginary in light of the current situations and the disruption of the wheel of work and production, which led to the failure to pay salaries to workers and the cessation of the (State) of producers.
In the Northern State, sheep prices ranged between SDGs 200 ,000-400 ,000, with the rise in the prices of sacrificial supplies.
A number of residents in Dongola city indicated that they have adopted raising livestock in (fences) for several months, which reduced the cost of the sacrifice this year and made it available to them, while prices in the markets are rising to exceed SDGs300,000non average.
In the River Nile citizen Yassir Al-Sir pointed out the suffering of those coming to the state due to the war, amidst the increase in rental prices and the rise in all prices.
He said that this year’s sheep are witnessing a great increase, which has made many families unable to provide the sacrifice.

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