Joint Force: Killing 1000 of Militia Members in Battles in El Fasher

Sudan Events – Follow-ups

The Joint Force of Armed Struggle Movements announced the complete elimination of a Rapid Support Militia RSF movement in the southern and eastern axis of El Fasher, and the killing of (1000) of its members, headed by the commander of the movement, Ali Yaqoub, in Friday’s battles.
In a statement, it revealed the destruction and capture of one hundred cars, (7) armored vehicles, (3) buses for supplies and ammunition, and the capture of more than (43) Rapid Support RSF elements.
The Joint Force said that Ali Yaqoub is considered the actual commander of the militia in Darfur and Sudan after the disappearance of the two Daglo brothers, noting that the killing of Ali Yaqoub means the end of the legend of the Rapid Support RSF Militia forever and the beginning of the end of the terrorist mercenary forces that committed all kinds of crimes against humanity.

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