Laporta’s statements raise a crisis within Barcelona

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Barcelona club president Joan Laporta created a crisis in recent hours due to his dialogue with the official website of the Catalan giant. During the interview, Laporta revealed information that should not have been disclosed, from the point of view of club officials, by saying that the player Oriol Romeo had asked to leave Barcelona. The officials considered it unwise to broadcast Laporta’s statement about Romeo, and instead a sentence was broadcast in which the Barcelona president said: There are players who asked to leave without specifying their identity.
Laporta also announced in the interview that Mariona Caldente, the women’s team player, will not continue, but the statement was deleted, because the player has not yet announced her departure. Laporta confirmed that Barcelona will continue to wear the Nike uniform next season, Although the new agreement with the American company has not been announced yet.

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