Sennar Farmers hold banks responsible for delaying financing

SudanEvents – Rehab Abdullah

Sennar farmers held banks fully responsible for any failure resulting from the delay in financing, and a large number of farmers complained that they have been going to banks without obtaining financing until now.
The farmers pointed out that the rains have started to fall, which has made many farmers feel anxious due to the delay.
They called on those responsible for financing policies in the state to intervene quickly in order to make the agricultural season a success.
The farmers affirmed their inability to prepare early and attributed this to the high costs of fuel, seeds, spare parts and machinery.
The banks confirmed that they are waiting for the financing policy for this season.
For his part, Minister of Production and Economic Resources in charge of Sennar state, Al-Hadi Al-Sadig, said that they have been in continuous contact for some time with the banks with the aim of early financing, calling for the need to expedite financing farmers as soon as possible, noting that they requested that the minimum financing be SDGs 5,000, and that the proposed area for this season is about (4) million acres.

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