Leaders of the Tunisian Ennahdha Movement before the judiciary

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Days after one of the specialized Tunisian security teams began its investigations to uncover the circumstances of an audio recording attributed to Monzer El Ounissi, the current interim president of the Ennahda Movement, it decided on Tuesday night – Wednesday to arrest him for 48 hours and transfer him to the National Guard barracks. To conduct a test in relation to the leaked audio recording, after he denied attributing it to him.

Enas Al-Harath, a member of the Defense Committee for Political Prisoners, confirmed that Al-Wanissi will be presented to the Public Prosecution at the Court of First Instance to take a decision regarding him, after the competent security team conducts a set of necessary technical and scientific measures and listens to the testimonies of the parties concerned with the audio recording. To check its validity before making the necessary decisions.

Meanwhile, Ennahdha demanded the release of Al-Ounissi, expressing its “full solidarity with him after the malicious campaign against which he was subjected in the past period in a malicious manner, with the aim of distorting the reputation of the movement and its leaders from parties claiming victory in the struggle to restore the democratic path, and cloaking themselves in the guise of Protecting the Ennahda movement,” she said.

The Tunisian authorities have imprisoned leaders of the Ennahdha Movement, including its president and the speaker of the dissolved parliament, Rached Ghannouchi, in prison since April 20, his deputy, Ali Al-Arayedh, since December 19, 2022, and Nour Al-Din Al-Behairi, his second deputy, since mid-April. Last February.

Serious charges were brought against them, including: (conspiring against state security), (encouraging Tunisian youth to travel to hotbeds of tension and terrorism), in addition to (mishandling state resources while leading the political scene), and receiving (suspicious financial funds).

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