Large military reinforcements north of Al Jazeera State

Medani – Sudan Event

The Director of the General Intelligence Service in Al-Jazira State, central Sudan, Brigadier General Security Imad Al-Din Sayed Ahmed, announced the push for large military reinforcements to the northern Al-Jazira region, in addition to strengthening the outposts.
The move comes one day after Rapid Support forces entered the areas of Al-Takina Al-Ghaba and Umm Maghd. North of the state before withdrawing north towards the Al Masoudiya and Jiyad industrial areas.
Brigadier General Imad said that the State Security Committee is in permanent session, and that it is closely monitoring the situation. He pointed out that the state had developed a solid security plan to secure all entrances to the state, and stressed citizens not to pay attention to the rumors spread by the rebel media machine. He said that these rumors were working to cause panic among citizens, and he added, “The state security committee dealt with any queue in Wad Medani,” according to His expression.

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