A Sudanese State Urges Federal Government for Help to Tackle Flood Disaster

Khartoum – Sudan Event

The governor of the Nile River State in northern Sudan, Muhammad Al-Badawi Abdel Majid, called on the federal authorities to aid and support the state to confront the flood disaster, especially in the areas of Al-Makabrab, Al-Alyab, Qabati, Qaddo, Al-Salamah and Al-Nabawiyya in Berber locality and some neighborhoods in the cities of Al-Damar and Atbara.

These areas were affected in an unprecedented manner, with comprehensive destruction of homes, property, and institutions.

Abdul Majid confirmed that the current needs are to provide shelter through large quantities of (tents and tarpaulins), as well as subsistence materials and medicines.

He pointed out that the floods caused the closure of the national Khartoum-Atbara “Tahaddi road,” as well as the Atbara-Port Sudan road. He added that the state, with its capabilities, began treating the roads with the help of the Armed Forces’ artillery and appealed to the National Authority for Roads and Bridges to speed up the treatment of them.

He stressed the need to review bridges and road slides to ensure that water drainage is proceeding properly.

Abdul Majid directed the Ministry of Social Affairs to provide urgent needs for food supplies and environmental sanitation to avoid the negative effects of stagnant water.

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