Minister of Finance: Endeavouring to solve the salary problem in Sudan

Khartoum – Sudan Event

The Minister of Finance and National Economy, Dr. Gabriel Ibrahim said his ministry is working to solve the salary problem by providing the basic salary for the months of April and May.
The minister stressed that the Sudanese economy is suffering from some difficulties, especially in the banking sector.
He said during an interview on Sudan TV that the agricultural season, despite the challenges, is very promising.
He renewed the Ministry of Finance’s keenness to maintain control over public funds, enforce laws, and prevent the shunning that the Ministry inherited.
The Minister reassured the people of a successful agricultural season and the finances’ interest in providing production inputs and preparing for the winter agricultural season.
While he said that the finances renewed the Turkish battleship for a period of 15 months regarding the electricity of the city of Port Sudan.
Jibril warned that the declared position of his (Justice and Equality) movement regarding the war taking place now is neutrality, a position that was taken collectively in the movement’s office.

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