Suspect was arrested in the Nile River

Khartoum – Sudan Events

Following information provided to the Shandi Local Police Investigation Division, followed by the Atbara Local Police Investigation Division, the accused, “A.Y.A,” was arrested while he was in the Atbara land port to receive stolen goods coming from Khartoum State.

By investigating him and searching his house, two drones, two Thuraya communication devices, two surveillance cameras were found, along with 3 pens used for spying, 30 antique pieces, a quantity of precious stones, a broadcasting device belonging to the Khartoum International Channel, and a quantity of clothes and other belongings.

The necessary legal measures have been taken against the accused, and investigations are being completed to determine the source of the recovered items.

The Director of the Nile River Police, Major General Salman Muhammad Al-Tayeb, attended the investigation at the state police investigation buildings, praising the investigation and the careful follow-up of information and tight coordination between the two divisions, which confirms the cooperation of all departments and units to maintain the security and stability of citizens and confront all criminal activities.

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