Minister of Health to (Sudan Events): The health sector received considerable support

Khartoum – Sudan Events

The Acting Federal Minister of Health, Dr. Haitham Muhammad Ibrahim, said that Sudan, in the critical situation it is going through as a result of the war, has received huge support for the health sector, especially from the countries of the region, neighboring countries and Arab countries, which have played a major role in strengthening health systems, strengthening the supply system and raising the level of services.

Ibrahim noted in his interview with (Sudan Events) that the volume of aid and grants from the international community was less than expected and not the expected volume, and we hope for greater aid. He added that funds had previously been allocated through international forums and we hope that the international community will reach the country to meet the health system’s needs for the mean period. He stated that the coming period, especially since the Ministry is working to rebuild the health system in the various states.

Ibrahim stressed that all grants and aid have reached their beneficiaries, and there is no truth to the complaints that they do not reach those who are entitled to them, whether medicines or consumables. “Our mechanisms for distributing grants, medicines and medical consumables are through medical supply funds spread across all states, and distribution is made to health institutions in the states according to a well-known equation based on criteria represented by population numbers.” He added. The number of hospitals and health facilities, the epidemiological map of the specific state, the rate of displaced people in the state. This is how we distribute medicines and consumables to all states and hospitals on a regular basis, and there is no stock at the level of warehouses in the Red Sea.” “We have a problem represented by delivery to some states, especially Darfur due to the security problem, and this is the only problem.” He added. In order to address this, there is an arrangement with the regional government to provide an armed (convoy) to deliver medicines and medical consumables to El Fasher from where they are distributed to the states of the region, and up to Khartoum State. The supply reaches through specific ports from Madani, Gezira State and the northern countryside of the Nile River.

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