Moscow hosts the major export forum “Made in Russia”

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Moscow will host the largest international export forum in the Russian Federation entitled “Made in Russia” as from October 19 to 20.
The purpose of the forum is to invite the government and companies to discuss the main contemporary challenges and current aspects of cooperation in the field of export and import, analyze the results of the year’s performance, develop practical solutions to enhance international cooperation and identify the main areas and strategies for developing international cooperation as part of building a new global architecture for trade cooperation.
The program includes a series of events dedicated to objective areas relevant to foreign economic activities, including logistics, marketing, finance, analytics and international cooperation.
The event will bring together representatives of large, medium and small companies from all over Russia, government authorities, specialized associations and unions, banks, business media, recognized experts and foreign delegations.
A Russian technology exhibition area will also be organized at the venue. Moreover, the exhibition will demonstrate the most successful Russian products and solutions, enhance the efficiency of the B2B program and become a platform for the promotion of innovative domestic brands with unique solutions to the Russian and foreign audience.
Register on the official website of the Made in Russia Forum: to stay up to date with all current news and developments in the field of Russian exports and foreign economic activity.

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