The Council of Ministers Directs Campaigns to Combat Disease Vectors

Khartoum – Sudan Events

The Minister of Cabinet Affairs, tasked with performing the duties of the Prime Minister, Osman Hussein, has instructed state governors to take practical measures to address the country’s health situation and reduce the spread of waterborne diseases (cholera) and dengue fever. This will be achieved by launching a campaign for environmental sanitation, cleanliness, fly and mosquito control, and drinking water disinfection to limit the spread of disease vectors. These measures will be carried out under the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health. Additionally, there will be intensified media campaigns through all channels and media outlets in the states to educate citizens and disseminate health guidelines for disease prevention.
The directive was issued following a meeting between the Minister of Cabinet Affairs and the Acting Federal Minister of Health, Dr. Haitham Mohammed Ibrahim, in the presence of the Acting Minister of Information and Culture, Dr. Graham Abdel Qader.
Several states have reported cases of dengue fever, especially in Gedaref, in addition to cholera.

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