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Why do you hide behind my back? 

A poem by: Ahmed Gumaa

Why do you hide behind my back?

So as not to be killed or tracked?

I am not a soldier

I’ve no gun on my shoulder

I do neither give the order

To do you any harm or pain

I am a mere civilian,

I am soooo plain

With only bare hands


I could only raise my voice to say the (NO)

But I always obey the law


I’ve no training to defend myself or my family, so

Why do you follow me like my shadow?

You go wherever I go

And you do whatever I do


Why do you trace my walk?

And smile when I smile

And talk the way I talk


Is it a game of fun?

To put me in the mouth of your gun


But when it is up there,

when you see the fire…

Like a coward you make the run


To seek refuge under my feet

In the muddy street


Why do you soldier make shield of me?

To save your soul and seek safety

You dirty, that is dirty! !


How dare you shoot your enemy from my shoulder?

Then you come to hide behind me

Were I the one who gave the order?


Why did you force me into a role I would never choose?

This twisted game, where danger is free and loose

And death bragging in the streets of my town

So, step down


Set free my back

I will not follow your track


Just stand up on your feet

Be brave and face your fate

That you have been trained to meet

The swine…you the swine…

This war is not mine

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