B.B.C Closes a “TikTok” Account and Accuses “Al-Insirafi” of Creating It

Sudan Events – Talal Muddassir

The well-known B.B.C news network said that it banned an anonymous account on the “Tik Tok” application platform that was using artificial intelligence technology to impersonate former Sudanese President Al-Bashir by broadcasting “leaked recordings” of him since late last August with a fake voice.

The network said that, through its technical advisory team, which was entrusted with the task of investigating, it found a match between the first recordings of Al-Bashir that were published last August, criticizing Al-Burhan, and a live broadcast on Facebook that was broadcasted two days before the broadcast of Al-Bashir’s recording by the famous Sudanese political commentator known as “Al-Insirafi.” He is believed to live in the United States but has never shown his face on camera.

The network added, “The recording and broadcast appear to be precisely similar. The texts are the same, and when you play both clips together, play completely in sync.”

The network added: “After further research, something emerged: We have found at least four other recordings of Al-Bashir that have been recorded.”

They were taken from the live broadcast of the same blogger, but there is no evidence of his involvement, although a comparison of the sound waves shows similar patterns in speech and silence.

The B. B.C conducted its technical investigation by pointing out that the deleted “Tik Tok” account was a purely political account and required deep knowledge of what is happening in Sudan, and that the motive for its creation may have been to deceive the public into believing that Al-Bashir had appeared again to play a role in the war.

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