North Darfur Health and Doctors Without Borders France Launch Free Treatment Camps for Malaria and Dengue Fever

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The Ministry of Health in North Darfur, in cooperation with the French organization “Doctors Without Borders” inaugurated the opening and operation of free treatment camps for malaria and dengue fever at the Abdel Salam and Sayyid Al Shuhada health centres.

Acting Director General of the Ministry, Ahmed Mohammed Al-Douma, confirmed that the camps will make a significant contribution to eliminating suffocation and overcrowding, resolving the distress, and alleviating the pressure resulting from the steady increase in cases of malaria and dengue in light of the critical conditions the state is going through.

The leader of the organization’s medical team, North Darfur sector, Dr. Riad Ali Muhammadin, said that the services come in accordance with the organization’s strategy and the agreement signed with the ministry to provide free examination and treatment services to patients in the state.

On the other hand, the Director of the Health Emergency Department at the Ministry, Magda Abdullah Suleiman, noted that four health centers were selected, including Abdul Salam Health Center, Sayyed Al Shuhada, Tambasi, and Abu Shouk Al Hilla, to provide free services, while providing them with two ambulances: one for the centers of the northern sector and the other for the southern sector. They will be utilised to transport patients referred to hospitals and other health facilities to receive more medical services.

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