“The SAF Pushes Back the RSF with Artillery Fire

Khartoum – Talal Muddathir

Since the early hours of the morning, the Sudanese capital Khartoum has witnessed intense battles between the Sudanese Armer Forces (ASF) and the rebel Rapid Support Forces (RSF), with heavy shelling heard in the southern areas of Khartoum. In addition, continuous artillery shelling from the Wadi Sidna military base targeted positions of the Rapid Support Forces south of the base, while the aircraft shelled another position of the rebel forces in a church in the Naseem neighborhood of the Haj Youssef suburb east of Khartoum. In response, the RSF retaliated with artillery shelling on the headquarters of the Sudanese army in central Khartoum, which the rebel forces had been targeting with shells for over two weeks.

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