Government Permits Import of Poultry Meat

Sudan Events – Rehab Abdullah 

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Livestock in Sudan, Dr. Hassan Al-Toum Abdullah, issued a decision to open the import of poultry meat, according to which he decided to allow importers to get broiler chickens slaughtered in accordance with applicable health requirements to protect the poultry industry and to fill the large gap in poultry meat and its products in the country.

Al-Toum attributed this to the security conditions in Khartoum State due to the ongoing war in the country, which caused the poultry production departments to lose much of their production and the complete destruction of poultry farms, causing a large gap in poultry meat in the country.

Al-Toum called on the ministry’s import committee to take all health measures in force in the International Organization for Animal Health and to work in accordance with them.

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