Federal Minister of Health: “We lost an entire year’s stock of medicines, devices and equipment”

Khartoum – Sudan Events

The Federal Minister of Health-designate, Dr. Haitham Mohamed Ibrahim, said that the committee formed to count the losses in the health sector as a result of the ongoing war – since mid-April – is still working on collecting information, revealing that the initial estimates of the losses of the main headquarters of the National Fund for Medical Supplies in Khartoum are $500 million after it was burned and stolen. The headquarters contained the state’s stock for an entire year, in addition to medical devices and equipment, which we lost.


Ibrahim confirmed to (Sudan Event) that many hospitals had suffered losses such as looting and burning, noting that the number of infections in Khartoum exceeded (10) thousand cases and the death of more than (1,500) people. He then stated, “These statistics are according to the cases that reached the hospitals.” And continued to add, “It is difficult to estimate all the losses at the present time.”

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