RSF atrocities in Al-Ailafoun as told by Emergency Lawyers

Khartoum – Sudan Events 

Emergency Lawyers states that the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) are looting, forcibly displacing residents, restricting freedom of movement through checkpoints, looting, and arresting fleeing civilians in the Al-Ailafoun suburb in eastern Nile today, Friday.
Emergency Lawyers condemned the forced displacement of civilians in Al-Ailafoun, emphasising that the actions of the RSF are not part of the futile war.
The Emergency Lawyers also confirmed ongoing clashes between the conflicting parties today, Friday, in the region, resulting in civilian casualties and injuries. This has led to electricity, water, telecommunications, and internet disruptions.
The Emergency Lawyers mentioned unidentified voices calling for the use of aerial bombing, stating, ‘We warn against the dangers of using aerial and artillery bombardment in the densely populated areas where hundreds of civilians have sought refuge from various capital cities. Airstrikes also destroy homes and civilian property protected under international humanitarian law.’

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