Sudanese Army: “40” Civilians Killed as Result of Indiscriminate Shelling

Sudan Events – Talal Muddassir

The Sudanese army said that yesterday, Saturday, the Rapid Support militia continued its indiscriminate bombing of civilian homes with the aim of displacing them in preparation for plundering them and then using them as a platform for military purposes. They carried out indiscriminate bombing in multiple areas in Jabal Awliya locality, resulting in the wounding and death of “40” civilians.

The official spokesman for the Sudanese army, Brigadier General Nabil Abdullah, said that the indiscriminate bombing extended to include areas in Bahri, Haj Youssef, and Omdurman. This included Wad Al-Bakhit area and the sixth, seventh, and eighth neighbourhoods. The rebels also expelled 25 families from the Abbasiya neighborhood, Omdurman, and looted citizens’ property Al-Nakhil neighborhood, squares 18 and 19.

“Nabil” asserts that these events clearly show that this war, which the militia has been waging since its beginning, is a war against the citizen by violating his sanctity, plundering him, and stealing his money and property.

The official spokesman reassured the citizens that the operational situation in all military divisions today is completely stable, except for the clashes with the 16th Nyala Division, which he described as continuing to write epics of guerrilla and steadfastness every day and teaching the enemy painful lessons, stressing that the armed forces are committed to the pledge and will continue to confront this aggression and deal with it until it is completely crushed. .

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