Foreign Minister Reiterates in Geneva Sudan’s Demand to Classify Rapid Support Forces as “Terrorist”

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Sudan’s Foreign Minister, Ambassador Ali Al-Sadiq, reviewed the critical humanitarian conditions that the Sudanese people are going through as a result of the war waged against them by the rebel Rapid Support militia since mid-April.

The Minister said in his speech delivered on Monday morning at the opening of the sessions of the high-level ministerial meeting of the Executive Committee of the Program of the High Commissioner for Refugees – the seventy-fourth session – that the rebel militia committed atrocities against civilians by forcing them to forcibly evacuate their homes under gunpoint and then occupying them, which led to the displacement of more than “4” million people internally, compared to more than a million people who crossed the border into neighboring countries.

Al-Sadiq described what the rebel militia did as “systematic sabotage” and destruction of state facilities and represents a blatant violation of human rights and a violation of international law, calling on the international community to classify the rebel militia as a terrorist group.

The Minister, who was accompanied in the delegation by Refugee Commissioner Musa Atroun, concluded his speech to the attendees with the need for an urgent response by the international community to the humanitarian needs of the displaced and refugees and the difficult living conditions of the communities hosting them, recalling that Sudan has always been hosting millions of refugees from neighboring countries, which requires “returning the favor” due to it.

The Minister also assured that the Government of Sudan is keen and committed to facilitating the work of humanitarian organizations by forming a supreme emergency committee headed by the Prime Minister-designate to facilitate the reception and distribution of humanitarian aid to those affected.

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