Al-Suki Close to Announcing Irrigation of 65,000Acres

Sudan Events – Rehab Abdullah

The initiative to rehabilitate the Al-Suki Agricultural Project succeeded in addressing the problems of thirst in the Al-Suki Project, in partnership and cooperation with the Irrigation and Pumps Department and the Agricultural Department.

Engineer Omar Hashem, head of the initiative, estimated that the areas that have been irrigated so far at the project level are estimated at no less than 85% of the total cultivated area that estimated at more than 75 thousand corn.

Within the framework of continuing irrigation operations, Hashem said in press statements (Wednesday) that a number of (6) canals in a limited section are among the canals that have structural problems, represented by Canals 12 and 13, then Canals 20, 21 and 19.

The initiative announced the resumption of operation of the project’s electricity pumps after an interruption that lasted for (12) hours due to electricity problems, and pointed out that the flow of water levels is proceeding well in both the Salma and Mahala sections, in which irrigation has reached 90% of the targeted or cultivated areas.

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