Opening of Customs Hangar at Argeen Crossing

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The Director of the Customs Forces, Police Lieutenant General Adam Al Nour, opened (Wednesday) the customs barn at the Argeen crossing, which aims to simplify and facilitate the movement of trade and the transit of goods and commodities and their flow with complete ease. The Director of the Customs Forces met with representatives of the clearing agents as they are the legitimate body to communicate with the Customs Administration to complete the cycle of facilitating the movement of trade at the Argeen border crossing.

Follow-ups from the Police Press Office indicate that the Director of the Customs Forces reviewed the progress of work and performance at the crossing and listened to a comprehensive enlightenment provided by Brigadier General of Police Asaad Khaled, Director of Halfa Customs, and Colonel of Police Muhammad Mansour, on the progress of work at the station and what the crossing is doing in completing customs procedures for all cargo trucks coming into the country.

In addition to overcoming the difficulties that lead to the accumulation of trucks at the crossing, Hasab Al-Karim urged the force to implement the decisions of the Chairman of the Sovereignty Council in his recent visit to Argeen Customs.

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