Health minister demonstrates the war’s impacts

Khartoum – Sudan Events

Dr. Hytham Mohamed Ibrahim, Minister of Health, said Sudan suffers an increase in disease ratio, spread of epidemics, weakness in maternal and child health, and the weakness inflicted on the health system due to the war and displacement.

The minister also confirmed in the conclusive session of the regional committee of the World Health Organization in Cairo (Thursday) that the war has contributed to worsening the health situation by causing losses of most of the specialized services and their assets, besides losing the main medical supply stock estimated by $500 million, more than 100 hospitals got out of service in Khartoum and Darfur states, in addition to the central laboratory (STAC) which went out of service and the outbreak of epidemics such as malaria.

Ibrahim promised to tackle the challenges and promote the health sector, pointing out the approval of the response and emergency plan with the partners up to September 31st.

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