Ministry of Foreign Affairs describes UNHRC decision vitesse weakness

Sudan Events-Talal Mudthar

Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in its first comment on the UNHRC to form an ad hok committee on Sudan that the UNHRC ” division pointed to that the council is serving the agenda of some countries and added the decision is not supported by any African or Arabic or Islamic countries that affirm its weakness and to serve the benefit of those countries.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs added that the decision ignored the current situation in Sudan to end the rebellion, cease fire, protect the civilians and escalate the arrival of emergency humanitarian aid. They ignored Sudan’s cooperation with the multi-human rights bodies that followed situations and paid attention to punishment by forming a national committee to investigate war crimes headed by the Attorney General.
The ministry considered the decision biased, equating SAF with a rebel terrorist militia. The UNHRC is responsible for any adverse effects resulting from the decision.

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