UN Afro-Arab mechanism to solve the Sudanese Crisis

Sudan Events – Talal Ismail

Sudanese political bodies declared forming of a UN mechanism of the UN , AU, IGAD and the Arab League to solve the Sudanese crisis.

Statement issued by the Freedom and Change  (democratic body), national mobilising powers , national agreement power and the national declaration as an invitation from the AU and IGAD that held a deliberating meeting with the political ,civil ,and administration powers in the context of efforts exerted by the parts to prepare for kicking off the political process, ending the war and solving its affects in Sudan.

It added that the discussion and dialogue are frank and transparent tackled the mistakes of the initiative of the tribunal and fourth mechanism and its failure. The participants in the meeting affirmed importance of forming an umbrella for the mechanism involving regional and international partners ( AU,IGAD , Arab League and the UN) to adapt efforts to solve political crisis and end the war preventing any external interventions in the Sudanese affair.

The meeting affirmed the principles that the correct pave of solving the crisis begins with the cease fire and the full commitment to implement all commitments of the parts according to what was signed in Jeddah forum.And to deliver all humanitarian aids as essential step proceeding the political process.

The meeting affirmed that dialogue should be comprehensive without neglecting or excluding of any one and it should be Sudanese-Sudanese without any external interference. A national committee should take task of managing the dialogue . Importance of agreement of the parts on the place of the dialogue.

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