New Developments in Dollarin Dollar Exchange rates Rates in Sudan

Sudan Events -Rehab AbudAlah

Economic experts warned from about the declining of economic situations situation in Sudan expecting that the Sudanese pound will will decline before orther orther foreign currencies .
Sudan Events following upsfollow-up disclosed that the exchange rates of Sudanese reached about 1000 yesterday , despite a little bit reduction .
Dollar registered on Tuesday in the equivalent market ( the unofficial) SDGs 950 to SDGs 970 for sale .
Saudi riyal registered SDGs 245 to SDGs 250 .
While the Egyptian pound registered SDGs 22 to SDGs 23.
UAE dirham registered SDGs 245 to SDGs 250 while the Qatari riyal registered SDGs to SDGs 250 .
At the same time, Dollar exchange rates is stable in some local banks to SDGs in Omdurman National bank Bank and SDGs 725 in Khartoum bank Bank and SDGs 730 in Faisal bankBank.
Currency brokers pointed out the high demand for the hard currency from the importers.

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