The Political Situation in Ethiopia Creates Challenges for the Prosperity Party

Sudan Events – Sumaya Sayed

The Eritrean researcher based in Norway, who studied at the Universities of Addis, Khartoum Mohamed Kheir, said that the turbulent political situation in Ethiopia has created challenges for the Prosperity Party (PP) in Ethiopia and its efforts to try to escape its internal problems have reached their peak. Thus, they have started mass arrests of Eritreans in Ethiopia. Accordingly, they call on all our citizens living in Ethiopia to leave the country immediately, considering the current situation. The PP government has deployed TPLF members and Tigrayans in its security department and has given full permission to commit crimes against Eritreans. In addition, the BJP government has been mobilizing TPLF security personnel in the security institutions to instil terror and terror among the Eritrean citizens.”

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