Cash Grant from Kuwaiti Nama to 338 Sudanese Displaced Family

Sudan Events- Talal Mudathir

UNHCR and Kuwaiti Nama Charity of Social Reform Association signed an agreement aims to provide cash grant of multi purposes to the displaced families in Sudan.
The signing ceremony was attended yesterday Tuesday by Nama CEO Saad Marzouq Al Outebei and chairperson of communication sector Abdul Aziz Al Kendrei and UNHCR representative in Kuwait Nasrin Rebyian .
UNHCR will provide This grant enabling the UNHCR to support 338 displaced families in Sudan who affected by the conflict and to provide this cash grant of multi purposes will enable them to cover all basic and emergency need as debts , and rent housing, food stuff, health care and others .
Chairperson of Social reform Association Dr. Khalid Al Mazkourb said that partnership between Charity Nama and the UNHCR came as shaping the humanity values . This partnership reveals to relief and help displaced in Sudan who face difficulties because of disputes and critical situations.
On her part, Rebyian appreciated the great contribution presented by Charity Nama and she said within the continuation of conflict in Sudan without end of this fighting in the near future , there is an increase of humanitarian needs for the people who fled their homes looking for security.
She added that this contribution will help in reducing great responsibilities on these displaced families and help them to save their dignity through this cash grant that allows them to determine their priorities and basic needs.

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