Sudanese Army: Resuming Negotiations Does not Mean Stopping Battle

Wad Madani – Talal Ismail

The Sudanese army said, on Wednesday, that resuming negotiations with the dissolved Rapid Support militia (RSF) at the Jeddah Saudi podium does not mean stopping the battle for national dignity.

The army said in a statement seen by Sudan Events: “In response to a generous invitation from the two mediating countries in the Jeddah platform (the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United States of America) to resume the negotiating process with the RSF, and out of the belief of the Sudanese Armed Forces that negotiation is one of the means that may end the war, we accepted it the call to go to Jeddah to complete what was previously agreed upon, which is the full implementation of the Jeddah Declaration, to facilitate humanitarian work and the return of our citizens and normal life to the cities where the rebels have looted, burned, randomly bombed, and raped.”

The army spokesperson also added: “We hope that the rebel militia will adhere to what was previously agreed upon this time. Resuming negotiations does not mean stopping the battle for national dignity. Eliminating and defeating the rebels is the goal of the Sudanese people and the Sudanese Armed Forces, and they are committed to this goal to put the country on the right path.”

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