Details of the first meeting of the TSC since outbreak of the war

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Transitional Sovereignty Council TSC held its first meeting since the outbreak of war, chaired by Abdul Fatah Al-Burhan, in the presence TSC deputy Malik Aqar and two members of the TSC ; 1st Lt. Gen. Shams al-Din Kabbashi and Lt. Gen. Eng. Ibrahim Jaber.
The meeting discussed the current situation, especially the security and economic situation.
The meeting also touched on the grave violations committed by the rebel RSF militia against innocent citizens. And the deliberate sabotage of public facilities and installations,
It praised the citizens’ solidarity and support for the SAF.
The meeting also praised the major roles played by the SAF and other regular forces in confronting the desperate attempts of the rebel militia targeting the security and stability of the country.
The meeting also discussed issues of people’s livelihood and the government’s efforts to provide food and medicine to the citizens in light of the current critical conditions of the country .

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