Woe to the warmongers!

Adil Al-Baz


What’s the Main Cause of War?

All those who looked at the disastrous war agree that its main cause is the hate speech, especially in the underdeveloped communities.


What is the Hate Speech؟

Hate speech in general is understood as any kind of communication is speech, writing or behavior, that attacks or uses pejorative or discriminatory language with reference to a person or a group on the bases of religion, ethnicity, nationality, race, colour, descent, gender, or other identity factor.


The UNSG Antonio Guratish said in his address before the UN on 18/6/2019 ( Hate Speech in itself is an attack against tolerance. diversity, integration and the principles of our human rights. It damages the social fabric and joint values. It could lay the foundation of violence, hindering the peace, stability and sustainable development.

He is right, hate speech is the first step towards violence.


Those who injected December revolution with hate vaccine did not know that they’re pushing the country to violence and genocide, and that they’ll harvest only the ashes of their slogans besides igniting more sedition.

Look at their inspired slogan (Freedom, Peace, and Justice) which was chanted by all those who took to streets before it was polluted by hate slogans.. death, bloodshed, trambling etc.


All those who are searching for who started the war should recall when and how the hate speech and who aired it during the revolution and after. It is the soil in which they implanted war and they are now asking stupidly who shot the first bullet.

Those who injected their slogan with hating those who oppose them, imprisoned them and confiscated their properties besides giving a deaf ear to any voice except theirs and their political line are those called for war. Those who said that they alone have the right to decide and represent the revolution accompanying with them remnants to assist in imposing their agendas, are who planted the seed of distruction.


The actual Warmongers have no alternative other than the Framework Agreement as it is their end, either it or war, just like that!

Why the Framework Agreement or war? They argue that they don’t want the drawning of the political process! Just imagine!

Those stances were the foundation of the hate speech and paved the way for exclusion which led to the coup which escalated the political conflict, then came the FFC Framework Agreement supported by the Janjaweed, the quadratic, and the AU till we approached the war long time before April 16.


Again we ask, who are the actual Warmongers? Before the start of the war nobody threatened except the FFC and its puppies.

Many indicators showed that the FFC knew who is planning it and the details of the plot as some of them were rouming in the dawn of April 16 with minibuses near the Presidential palace waiting for zero hour (Minnawi’s testimonies)

Then when their plot was aborted their scapegoat was the remnants and not the Janjaweed who mobilized hundreds of thousands of their troops in Greater Khartoum, attacked the general command and occupied the public facilities !!!


After the failure of the plot they rushed to the international community (Molly Fi) and her Janjaweed and established Jeddah Forum to stop war. The Sudanese Army responded to the negotiations after intensive pressures and at the end the Janjaweed signed Jeddah Declaration which stipulated their evacuation from the residences of the citizens, hospitals and public facilities. The FFC agreed but the militia rejected the implementation of any of Jeddah Declaration items.

What was the stance of the Warmongers who are us as the FFC allege?

We agreed with the agreement and called for stopping the war, but the Janjaweed refused and instead of pressing on them by their allies (FFC) to commit to what they signed the later hid behind the slogan (No for war) and continue calling for the resumption of negotiations. Will it be negotiations on what had been negotiated before.


That is like who occupied your house in Kafouri, raped your mother and sister, looted all what you own and resided in house, then he ask you for negotiations. Then you are forced to negotiate, and after long discussions you agreed with him to get out of your house; but he refused and called for negotiations again! On what are we going to negotiate again?

In this case who are the Warmongers? Are they those who accepted Jeddah Declaration to stop it or those who supported the agenda of the Janjaweed and formed protection for them to continue the war, besides justifying their criminal actions.

What is the other option for the Warmongers? Is it to accept raping, looting and genocide?

No for war. .. Yes for the Janjaweed! What a double standard!

The actual Warmongers are those who are in harmony with the Janjaweed!!

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